Monday, 27 April 2015

Analysis - UFC on Fox 15: Rockhold vs Machida Part 2

This video analyses Holloway/Swanson, Jacare/Camozzi, and Rockhold/Machida from UFC on Fox 15.

Holloway was able to effectively manage and control the distance by using feints and constant stance changes to gain dominant angles and deny Cub the positioning to land his strikes. He also exploited Cub's habits of rushing in with little setup and constantly dipping to his right, in order to land counters.

The fight between Jacare and Camozzi went about exactly as expected, with one little twist. Jacare managed to pull of an incredible, spiderman-esque wall-walking guard pass.

Machida looked solid on the feet early on but, whether it was a slip that knocked him down or Rockhold's right hook, he found himself unable to get back on his feet as Rockhold laid into him with devastating ground and pound that left him unable to mount a comeback in the second round.

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