Sunday, 26 April 2015

Event Breakdown: UFC on Fox 15: Rockhold vs Machida Part 1

This video analyses Sterling/Mizugaki, Means/Sullivan, and Hettes/Brandao from UFC on Fox 15. Part 2 will feature Holloway/Swanson, Jacare/Camozzi, and Rockhold/Machida.

Sterling showed some agile footwork and effectively kept Mizugaki outside of his range, but he exposed a flaw in his striking. Whenever he throws a kick, he exits by ducking straight down or exaggeratedly jerking his head away, which exposes him to counter knees and kicks.

Means tied up Sullivan's lead hand at every opportunity and made the fight into a hand-fight battle. With the lead hand covered, Means only had to worry about Sullivan's predictable straight right, which he had no trouble slipping or parrying on most occasions.

Hettes vs Brandao had several interesting scrambles, but the one I'm focusing on is Hettes' beautiful butterfly/scissor sweep.

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